Daily Money Management

Personal finances can at times be overwhelming and complex. Webber CPA has the knowledge and experience to provide day-to-day personal money management for seniors, busy individuals, or families seeking help with managing their elderly loved one’s finances. With forensic accounting for financial exploitation and elder abuse being the backbone of our practice, we understand the importance of providing our clients with financial security and a high level of trust when managing their money. Webber CPA offers a wide range of services to deliver the appropriate level of financial care you may be looking for.

Daily Money Management


  • Bill paying and checkbook balancing
  • Track income and expenses and budgeting
  • Important document filing and organizing
  • Submitting and tracking medical insurance claims
  • Review monthly investment statements and insurance policies
  • Assisting executors/administrators of estates
  • Individual tax return document compilation and organization
  • Household inventory
  • Guardianship of property
  • Veteran Fiduciary
  • Trustee
  • Executor
  • Power of Attorney

Webber CPA is an approved fiduciary for accounting services pursuant to Part 36 of the Rules of the Chief Judge and therefore may be court-appointed to care for your loved one’s financial wellbeing. While it is often a confusing and difficult transition, Webber CPA’s approach strives to ensure that the client remains comfortable and secure with the level of financial oversight and management we will provide.

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