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Innovative and impactful aren’t just buzz words, they define us – ask any one of our staff. Niche practices are the future of accounting, and our specialization makes each of us thought leaders in our respective practice areas. Browse our practice areas above if:

We love spending time in the community sharing our experience in the field of forensic accounting. If you have a group that would love to hear about our work in elder abuse prevention and investigation, or you are a student or school representative and want to learn more about our high school shadow and college internship programs, reach out using the form below. We look forward to connecting!

Our Core Values

Webber CPA’s five Core Values are our guiding principles.
Our Core Values influence who we hire, the clients we partner with, and the engagements we accept.

Our company was founded on heart. Heart is what we put into our work, our communication, and our relationships every day. We love what we do, and constantly strive to improve.


Integrity is a hallmark of the CPA profession. We handle every engagement with objectivity, due professional care, and confidentiality.

Positive Attitude

We work with others the way we’d like others to work with us: with respect, tolerance, and good humor.

Meaningful Work

Our clients need us to protect their assets, and a job well done for us means that a victim can find peace, an agency can continue its mission, and a company can become a stronger economic force in the community.


Good news or bad news, we deliver it timely and tactfully, and expect the same from colleagues. Constructive criticism is key to our development as professionals and a company.


You Ask, We Answer

If you believe someone you know is being abused, call the police. You should also make a referral to the appropriate protective services agency in the alleged victim’s county of residence. For victims 18 and over, call Adult Protective Services (APS). For victims under 18, call Child Protective Service (CPS). Reports can be made anonymously.

Start by locating as many account numbers and relevant financial institution names as you can, then use this list.

For potential victims who are over 60 in New York State, our service may be free of charge. Please use the request form to start a conversation.

To be considered for future opportunities, please send your resume and cover letter to Webber CPA, PLLC at info@webbercpa.com.

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